Unlock your door with Siri, SMS, or a secret knock

Unlock your door with Siri: For our first Arduino project, we hacked together a wifi-enabled door lock with some nifty features. After seeing cool projects like John Grathio’s secret knock and Billy Chasen’s ethernet unlocker, we were inspired to build our own. We combined the two ideas using an Arduino and a WiFly shield, a modified…

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Moldable Plastic

Fun little new toy for making chew toys and such

3d Video from Kinect on the iPad

We used the String Augmented Reality SDK to display real-time 3d video+audio recorded from the Kinect. Libfreenect from project was used for recording the data coming from the Kinect. A textured mesh was created from the calibrated depth+rgb data for each frame and played back in real-time. A simple depth cutoff allowed us isolate…

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An iPhone Developer’s (evil) April Fools’ Day Prank

As iPhone developers, one of the worst fears we have is Apple giving us some bad news about one of our apps. Things like getting rejected aren’t fun, but getting a live app pulled from the App Store sucks pretty bad, especially if it’s paying your rent. Apple has been known to pull apps for…

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How to make time lapse screencaptures of your design work for free (mac)

Capture your work in Photoshop and turn it into a timelapse movie.

iPhone USB Photo and Video Transfer ( no syncing )

Transfer photos and videos from your camera roll over USB without syncing, yay!

Hacking on the kinect

playing the the 3d info in gl

Small Update to iVideoCamera

Update to v1.51 for all free FX’s and a few minor fixes

iBanner for iPad

currently #2 in the store so check it out

iSigns HD for the iPad

A few hours work for the iPad

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