Case Study

Industrial Measurement

Reducing the hassle of managing spaces using Computer Vision

Will Perkins
Will Perkins

Business Challenge

Gathering accurate measurements of an industrial space can be an expensive, time-consuming process. Often, a professional surveyor needs to be contracted along with expensive equipment and hourly fees. Optionally, a non-qualified surveyor can manually perform specific measurements, but this process can result in incorrect measurements (i.e. a miscommunication of what is to be measured).

There can be many obstacles to obtaining an accurate measurement, such as: unforeseen obstructions or miscommunication of requirements. Individual measurements can be error-prone and may lack important contextual information.

“3D reconstruction and modelling can either be performed on-device or in the cloud”


Laan Labs approaches industrial measurement by capturing an entire space using low-cost mobile hardware- either a mobile phone or more sophisticated sensors, depending on budget & technical requirements. Using a combination of point cloud fusion, photogrammetry, and machine learning, Laan Labs creates a 3D representation of a space that can then be used to generate a CAD model, or further analyzed (i.e. performing object detection or semantic segmentation).

3D reconstruction and modelling can either be performed on-device or in the cloud. A web-based application can be used to view, modify, and share interactive spaces via a standard web browser or mobile phone.

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Business Value

Working with full-space captures reduces erroneous measurements/mapping, saving both time & money. Additionally mapping a space unlocks the potential for many spatial applications.

The use of automated industrial measurement is relevant in many contexts, including:

  • Transportation Systems

  • Ventilation & HVAC Systems

  • Fire Safety Arrangements

  • Staff and Worker Space Allocation

Technologies Utilized

Computer Vision, CAD, iOS/Android, Python, Google Cloud Platform